Havana Booking Room is one of the Private Houses rent pages with more availabilities in Havana and in some of the most important tourist destinations in Cuba. On our site you will find the perfect alternative to a Hotel while you can enjoy an authentic experience, flexibility and privacy. We work directly with the owners and our professional staff guarantees the accuracy of the information of each house. Our platform offers information and the security you need to organize an amazing holiday. We want to help you choose the ideal accommodation for your next trip to Cuba and you can enjoy a daydream vacation.

Our functions

HavanaBookingRoom is simply a platform that allows owners publicize their properties for rental operations and for guests to find such properties. Our role is to get the guest request to each owner, and not being part of the rental operation itself and shall be exempt from any liability arising from the operation.

Rental operations are only binding between owners and guests. We are not dedicated to buy, rent, control or manage any lodging published on the Site by owners. HavanaBookingRoom only facilitates management guests with owners through our reservation system.

Even though we apply strict quality controls to each of the lodging shown in our platform, HavanaBookingRoom assumes no risk in relation to any state changes in the property.


Bookings must be made by using the Reservation button who will invoke your email client automatically. In this email you must include:
• Your name
• Check in and Check out
• Number of Persons
• Number of rooms
Also the information related with your arrival:
• Airline
• Flight number
• Arrival Hour

If at any time you decide not to proceed with the reservation request, you must close the application before sending the information.

Once the booking request is made by the guest, we will inform to the owner via telephone, thus guaranteeing a response within 24 hours. This time may be affected by adverse weather conditions, interruptions or public services failures.

Later the guest will receive a confirmation email where also obtain data from the house, phone numbers, address and amount payable by each of the nights booked.


You don’t have to send any money or make any deposit in advance. Payment is made directly to the owner on arrival or during their stay, always using cash; usually CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso).

The agreed price in the confirmation email is irrevocable. However the price shown on the platform may vary depending on the season or as determined by the owner and will always be referred to CUC/Nights.


The owner agrees not to make arbitrarily cancellations, considering within 72 hours before the guest arrival date to report any cancellation, provided that it is conditioned by adverse weather conditions, interruptions or public services failures.

HavanaBookingRoom is committed to helping guests to find a suitable alternative lodging, including, for example, by contacting the guest with another owner and / or providing details of alternate advertisements, all within 48 hours.

Cancellations carried out by owners will be analyzed and if is appropriate will consist of the remove of the Platform.

Guests can make cancellations 24 hours before their arrival date. Our team has the responsibility to immediately contact the owner to inform of these changes and if possible use this availability to run into other requests.

HavanaBookingRoom is exempt of any liability related to one or other part cancellations.